Our responsibility

Ensuring a future for the communities we transform

Our approach to value creation has always included preserving and protecting the communities, environments, and partnerships connected to our investments. We believe that proactive environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices play a crucial role throughout our operation. From deal sourcing to investment strategy, we integrate integrity into our investments and good business with goodwill.



Preserve and protect the environment and its resources

Resource Efficiency

Engage as a company with projects, partners and practices that reduce the use of natural resources throughout the value chain



Treat employees with care and respect

Employee health and safety

Ensure our employees’ physical, mental and emotional well-being through health benefits, safety policies, and proactive vigilance

Diversity and inclusion

Celebrate the unique people that make our company special by institutionalizing equal treatment and safeguarding diversity across the organization



Engage the communities in which we operate and care about


Offer a helping hand to the communities we come into contact with by engaging with them, giving back in areas of need, and considering their interests at crucial points of our operation



Promote the welfare of others by being generous with our resources and contributing consistently to organizations pursuing the common good


Uphold the highest standards of ethics and accountability

Due diligence

Take intensive, methodical steps to consider all potential risks and opportunities of investments

Ethical practices and policies

Operate in a way that stands ups to the highest forms of scrutiny by rewarding integrity, validating a code of ethics, and maintaining open communication


Be proactive with access to information for investors, partners and stakeholders by sharing information, auditing, and being accountable at all levels